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Gourmet Coffee Blends.

Gourmet Coffee Blends


Try our two premium gourmet coffee blends

El Premio

Get your hands on one of our leading coffee blends. The ‘El Premio’ has a rich, full bodied flavour from imported Columbian coffee beans. It has a medium acidity, and leaves a stunning nutty, chocolate aftertaste that leaves your mouth begging for more.

ILC Espresso Blend

A little bit of Arabica beans and a touch of Robusta beans, and you get the ILC Expresso Coffee Blend. Using a long lost old world method of roasting, we blend these two beans together to create a mellowing of the usual bitterness, of a normal espresso. We describe the flavour as “Dark and Bittersweet”.


Grab our Special 2 x 250g taster pack.

Just $27.00 incl postage.


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